LED lights can be used virtually anywhere

We offer specialty energy-efficient LED and Fibre Optic lighting solutions for a variety of commercial and residential applications.

LED Replacement Light Bulbs

LEDs are the ideal energy efficient replacement for all traditional halogen and incandescent bulbs. We carry a full range of LED alternatives to help reduce your power bill and save on maintenance costs without sacrificing light output or quality.

WiFi LED Light Bulbs

Take control of your home lighting without the need for expensive automation control systems. The WiFi LED bulbs can be installed by anyone in seconds and controlled from a remote or smartphone or windows computer

Commercial & Architectural Lighting

Fibre optic and LED lighting are perfect for all aspects of traditional architectural and commercial lighting because of their simple installation combined with low running and maintenance costs.

Fountains & Water Features

Water features are the ideal canvas for painting with fibre optic or LED lighting products. Purpose-designed underwater fixtures with EndGlow or SideGlow fibre optic cable produce safe, breathtaking results.

Landscape & Garden Lighting

Imagine your dream garden: beautiful by day, breathtaking by night. Specialized Lighting Concepts Ltd can make this dream a reality with a well-designed fibre optic or LED lighting system to suit your needs and budget. Read this guide to help make the most of your outdoor lighting designs.

Home Theatre Lighting

Fibre optic and LED lighting products are perfect for use in home cinema lighting applications. Fibre optic lighting is commonly used to create star-field ceilings, often complete with shooting stars and fireworks. Because the fibre optic cable only carries light, it does not interfere with sensitive audio or video cables.

Boat & Marine Lighting

For all marine applications, LED and fibre optic lighting is ideal. Extremely low power consumption, long life and durability provide years of maintenance-free enjoyment

Public Spaces

Fibre optic and LED lighting can produce breathtaking effects in outdoor and public spaces. They are also completely safe because no electricity is carried through fibre optic cables and LEDs operate at a very low voltage.

Sign & Display Lighting

Fibre optic & LED lighting are perfect replacements for neon in signs. Unlike neon, fibre optic & LED lighting do not require specialist servicing, allowing sign manufacturers to service and install the product themselves simply and safely.