Our Warranty to You:
As a consumer of Specialized Lighting Concepts (SLC)products, SLC offers you all of the warranties extended to you under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993. In particular, SLC warrants that all SLC products:

How to Get Warranty Service:
To get warranty service from us you will need to:

Our Obligation to You:
Our obligation to you in relation to our warranty is at our option to either:

Exclusions From Our Warranty:
SLC products are designed with specific protection features for optimum consumer safety and to ensure that our products perform as well as possible. Our products must remain fully accessible at all times in order to be able to be retrieved for warranty claims, repair or maintenance. 
Our warranty will not apply when:

Replacement Labour Charges:
Unless prior written approval is obtained, SLC will not be liable for any charges relating to the removal, re-installation or freight in regard to product installations.