Fountains & Water Features

Bring your water feature to life

Water features & fountains are the ideal canvas for painting with fibre optic or LED lighting products. Purpose-designed underwater fixtures with EndGlow or SideGlow fibre optic cable produce safe, breathtaking results.
Specialized Lighting Concepts are leaders in water feature lighting. We have extensive experience illuminating water and solid technical knowledge of the hydraulics and equipment needed to make water features work. We can help water feature and landscape designers take full advantage of the unique effects of fibre optic and LED lighting to make design ideas a reality.

  • Fibre optic lighting carries no heat or electricity, making it perfectly safe for use in water features.
  • 12V LEDs are also safe in water and can generate spectacular effects from relatively simple installations.
  • Softly changing or static colours can radically transform your water feature into an outdoor oasis.

Water Feature and Fountain Design

If you are thinking about designing or creating your own water feature we would love to help and recommend reading our section on water feature and fountain lighting design

Applications include:

  • Wet area lighting
  • Underwater lighting
  • Planter lighting
  • Perimeter and path lighting
  • In-ground paver lighting
  • Glow worm caves & grottos
  • Illuminated water features
  • Aquatic lighting

Suggested Products

  • Choreo Switch Sequencing Nozzle
  • Starburst Laminar Jets
  • Pond and fountain Lighting range

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