WiFi LED Light Bulbs

Control your lights from your phone

WiFi LED Light bulbs give you complete control of your lighting from a remote or your smart phone via your home wireless network. They are incredibly easy to install - simply remove your old light bulb and replace with a new WiFi LED bulb, you can use the WiFi bulbs straight away via the wireless remote, or plug in a wireless bridge and operate from an App on your phone. 

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The WiFi LED lights are available in two configurations

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How many bulbs can i control ?
You can control up to 400 bulbs per zone and you have 4 zones as standard - each additional bridge gives you 4 more zones

Can i easily change from RGB colour to Warm White ?
Yes - just hold the on/off button for 3-5 seconds and the bulbs will revert back to warm white

Do I need a WiFi Bridge to control the lights ?
No - the lights can be controlled from a wireless remote - the bridge is only required to control the bulbs form your phone

Can i control anything else from the Mi-Light App
Yes - you can use to app to control our iFlex range of LED strips and single colour 12v/24v bulbs

Do I need a WiFi network or router ?
No - you can control them from the remote only, or connect to the bridge directly from your phone

What is the range of the remote or WiFi Control
Approximately 20m for the remote - with WiFi, as long as the bridge is connected - then you can use it anywhere you can connect to your network

Can I still use my wall dimmers? 
No - the WiFi LED bulbs will not dim from a traditional dimmer like an incandescent bulb

Can i use a combination of CCT White bulbs & RGB bulbs
Yes - set each bulb type up as a separate zone - great if you dont want everything colour changing

Can other people control my lights?
Only those who you have given access to your WiFi network and have the Mi-Light app

Where can I find more instructions / Technical information ?

You can find more instructions on our downloads page or below are the direct links WiFi Bridge receiver here RGB+WW Bulbs here CCT Bulbs here MiLight Remote Sync here 

Where can I download the free apps from ?

Apple App Store here Google Play Store here 

I want some - Where can I buy WiFi LED Bulbs from ?

Direct from our website - see the range here