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LED Downlights

LED down lights are now the most popular lighting medium in both new and exiting domestic and commercial task lighting applications. The fixtures offer significant energy savings when compared to a traditional fixture - up to 85%, and will require no maintenance or bulb changing over their life - which is many times longer than a traditional halogen. Many of our down lights are rated IC-F - which means you can safely install insulation over the top of the light fixture, which helps reduce heating costs as well. Unlike traditional energy saving lights - LED's turn on instantly and do not require time to reach full brightness, and in most cases, when upgrading existing light fittings will require no change in wiring and will work with your existing dimmers.

Illuminate your space with our premium LED downlights from Auckland’s trusted lighting experts. Explore our selection for efficient, sleek, and customisable lighting solutions. From ambient to task lighting, find the perfect LED downlighter for energy-efficient lighting solutions.