LED's provide the perfect creative medium to dramatically illuminate a swimming pool, spa pool, or for underwater lighting applications. Because LED lights emit light in a single wavelength, colours are more vibrant, and travel better through water than a comparable halogen lamp with a colour filter. Multi colour LED pool lights can either be set to your choice of single colour, slow or fast colour changing patterns with the flick of a light switch or via remote of smart phone App

The team at Specialized Lighting Concepts has been involved in swimming pool and underwater lighting for over 10 years and proudly carry two of the worlds leading brands, Bellson Electric PAL(Aust) and Spa Electrics (Aust).
We are acutely aware of the demands placed on lighting products operating in this environment, as well as being constantly submerged in water, they are under constant attack from chlorine and other chemicals. For this reason we will never sacrifice quality for price.

Discover underwater light swimming pool options to keep your pool functional and inviting 24/7. We stock a wide range of swimming pool and spa electrics, including swimming pool strip lights and led strip landscape lighting for your pool surrounds. See us at our Auckland-based lighting supply store or shop online to illuminate your pool with style and safety.