Underwater Boat Lighting

For all marine applications, LED and fibre optic lighting is ideal. Extremely low power consumption, long life and durability provide years of maintenance-free enjoyment. Specialized Lighting Concepts have sourced a range of 316 stainless steel fibre optic end fittings and low voltage power saving LEDs specifically suited to the extreme demands of a marine environment.

Fishing with LED Boat Lighting

Underwater lighting has long been known as a great way to attract fish, both bait and predators. It has been established that the blue and green light wavelengths are beneficial to attracting fish and improving catch rates, and now with the development of high powered, coloured LED's, we are able to replicate the exact spectrum thought to attack fish and provoke a strike. Even more recently sports and game fishermen have proven the effects of strobing lights to further increase catch rate. With this in mind we built strobing fish attraction modes into the Lumishore colour changing range of LED underwater lights. These are by far the best LED boat lighting solutions to attract your favourite sport fish. The strobing underwater lights will also make your boat stand out while at the marina. We have 4 fish attraction modes built into each Colour-Change LED boat lighting model, each of which is controllable in terms of strobe intervals: Blue - Interval Flash Blue - Random Flash Green - Interval Flash Green – Random Flash This gives the dedicated fisherman an infinite number of flash options to outfox his quarry, and unlike other commercial offerings, these fish attraction capabilities are built into our unique Colour-Change models, giving you an added benefit to our already outstanding underwater boat lights. Don't go looking for the fish, let them come looking for you