LED Neon Flex

Traditional glass neon has been the mainstay of commercial lighting for decades, providing a rich, vibrant source of light for commercial buildings and signs. Despite its attractive features it has numerous drawbacks, including the large amount of energy it requires, the extremely high voltage power supplies, and being hand drawn glass it is extremely fragile. LED neon flex overcomes all of these drawbacks by combining the energy efficiency of high output SMD LEDs encased in a UV and chemical resistant PVC that acts to diffuse the light mimicking the effect of neon.

Unlike neon, however, LED Neon Flex can be shaped and bent by anyone without the need for special tools or skills, the low voltage 24V DC alternative can be cut every 100 - 150mm (depending on model) and can operate of a plug in power supply.
Unlike traditional neon - LED Neon Flex is not just available in single colours, with RGB NeonFlex cable of producing up to 16 million colour variations, the new Dynamic DMX version expands further on this and allows for exciting colour chasing effects.

Elevate your space with our stunning neon flex lighting options. Explore Mini Neon Flex PVC, Ultra Mini Neon Flex, and more in various sizes. Add a vibrant glow to any setting. Shop online or in-store from our Auckland-based lighting supply shop, and illuminate your creativity!