iFlex Indoor LED Strip Light

iFlex indoor series LED strip lights consist of high quality, colour consistent SMD (surface mount diodes) on a thin flexible conductor board. They are a low voltage 12V / 24V DC versatile lighting system with a multitude of uses. They can be cut every 50mm and easily connected with a solder join or jumper cable. Commonly found in cove and lineal lighting applications, they can also add great highlight effects to shelves, cupboards, kitchens and entertainment cabinets. The 3m tape makes installation quick and easy or for a more diffused light the can be mounted into any of our aluminium profiles. As they are a low voltage product, you do not need an electrician to connect them when using with a plug-in power supply. The iFlex range is available in a range of power outputs from 4.8 watts/m to 19.6 watts per meter. In order to match the correct power supply – simply multiply the length you require by the strips rated power and select the most appropriate driver from our range. Single colour iFlex LED strips can be connected directly to the driver, while the colour changing RGB and digital effects require additional control systems sold separately.