iFlex COB LED Strip 10w/m | Spot Free

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iFlex COB LED Strip 14W/m | Spot Free

Introducing our revolutionary COB LED Strip Light with an impressive power output of 10 watts per meter. This cutting-edge lighting solution combines advanced COB (Chip-on-Board) technology with exceptional energy efficiency, making it the perfect choice for illuminating any space with brilliance and style.

Ultra-Bright Illumination: The COB LED Strip Light delivers an impressive level of brightness, ensuring a well-lit environment that instantly transforms any room. With its high-quality chips, it provides superior illumination, eliminating dark corners and creating a vibrant atmosphere.

Uniform Lighting Effect: Unlike traditional LED strip lights, the COB technology used in this product ensures an even distribution of light across the entire strip. Say goodbye to unsightly dark spots or inconsistent lighting. Our COB LED Strip Light guarantees a seamless and uniform glow, enhancing the aesthetics of any space.

  • Ultra bright illumination
  • No Spotting
  • CRI >90 good colour rendering
  • 3M Adhesive backing for easy installation
  • Solderless connector options