Mini Neon Flex PVC | 8mm x 17mm

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Ultra Mini LED Neon Flex

The ultimate in flexible lighting solutions - Ultra Mini LED Neon Flex is a safe, flexible, low voltage product with a coloured exterior jacket.  
Ultra Mini LED neon is one of our smallest LED neon product, and available in 12V DC only.  
Ultra mini neon flex is ideally suited for manufacture of small neon signs and intricate effects lighting applications.
Price is per meter - pair of end caps and a single power cable are included.
12V DC power supply sold separately.

Ultra Mini Neon Flex Features:

  • 12V DC
  • Colour Jacket - won't get washed out by ambient light
  • Compact 8mm(base width) x 17mm Height, 10mm dome width
  • Cut every 6.5
  • 7.5W/m maximum
  • 1 year warranty