Colour Adjustable WiFi LED Bulbs

The WiFi enabled LED light bulb system allows you to control the colour of your home or office lighting direct from your mobile phone with an easy to use phone based app or handheld remote. You can control up to four separate zones of bulbs or LED strip lights or combination of both. The bulbs can be installed in seconds and do not require any additional cabling to be controlled from your phone or computer. Features full spectrum colour control, dimming, warm white, night light and party modes.

Additionally the bulbs can be operated via windows based computer that can be used to set timers for security when you are not at home and operated from anywhere in the world. The WiFi bridge provides seamless integration into your existing home or office network.
The bulbs are available in both E27 screw base and B22 bayonet to fit the common lamp holders, and choice of either colour temperature control that lets you select from any shade of warm or cool white, or RGB+ warm white for a complete colour range.