Evolve Sign LED

Quad LED Backlit Module

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Evolve Quad LED Backlit Sign Module

The Evolve Quad module provides bright illumination for deep light boxes and cabinets from 150mm - 300mm deep. Packing an impressive 285 lumens of light from only 3.0 watts of power combined with the Quads Bat Wing Optical Lens allows sign manufacturers to use a minimum number of modules ( 4 per m2 @ 250mm deep). Internal constant current IC allows up to 20 modules to be run in series.

Evolve Quad LED Module Features:

  • Suitable for 150 - 350mm depth
  • 160° Bat-Wing Optical Lens
  • 3 Step MacAdam colour binning
  • Constant current onboard technology
  • 25 modules in series

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Quad LED Backlit Module

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