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Straight Wire Splice

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Straight Wire Splice

The easiest way to extend or splice electrical cable in LED strip and sign applications. The Splice connector uses IDC technology to reliably connect a single or double strand of wire up to 0.5mm2 diameter.

Color (Up/Bottom) Red/Black
Polarity NO. WJ-I-1=1
Wire Distance 1.3 mm
Rated Standard IEC/EN 60664-1
Over voltage Category EN I III
Pollution Level 2
Ingress Protection IP40
If Reusable Yes
Rated Voltage EN 300V
Peak Voltage 2.5KV
Rated Current EN 9A
Workable Wire Gauge [AWG] / Cross Sectional Area [mm2] 22~20AWG / 0.34~0.50 mm2
Workable Wire Type Solid wire/Strand wire
Housing Material
Connection Hardware
high-precision copper(Cu)
Normal Working TEMP.
-35 -+80℃
Working Ambient TEMP.
-35 -+60℃
Flame Retardant Level
Pin Surface Treatment
Corrosion Resistance Cleaning

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Straight Wire Splice

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