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LED Filament Bulb 8 Watt

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A60 8 Watt LED Filament Lamp | 60 Watt Replacement

Throw away your old incandescent light bulbs and make the switch to highly efficient LED filament lamps. The high efficiency 105 lumen per watt LED mimics the look of a traditional incandescent while using 85% less energy. The filament bulbs come in an aesthetic 2700k warm white colour temperature with an E27 Screw base and can be installed with no special tool. Saving power is as easy as changing a bulb. Each 8 watt bulb you install can save you up to $ 47.00 per year in energy costs (based on 10 hours per day running) so will pay for themselves in less than 4 months.


  • 8 x 105 lumen/watt LED filaments
  • Glass body
  • E27 Screw base
  • 2700k Warm White
  • 35,000 hour life
  • 2 year warranty

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LED Filament Bulb 8 Watt

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