MR16 LED Light Bulbs

The humble MR16 multi faceted reflector lamp is one of the most popular light bulbs on the market today, however it is also one of the most energy hungry and hottest running. They use a quartz halogen filament burner together with a dichroic reflector to direct the light output. While their efficiency was similar to a traditional incandescent lamp, their small size (50mm x 40mm) allowed the creation of a whole new range of aesthetically pleasing luminaires. Typical running costs on a 50 watt quartz halogen bulb are around 1.2 cents per hour per lamp – this can quickly add up over a year when 10 or more lamps are running for 10 hours per day - $ 438 per year for the 10 lamps. Over the last 5 years we have been introducing a series of LED replacements for quartz halogen MR16’s, light output was initially the equivalent to a 20 watt lamp, and as such were not really suitable for general purpose illumination or replacements for the 50 watt units. The other issue was that a 50 watt electronic transformer typically supplied with the MR16 required a minimum load of around 20 watts to function correctly – so upgrading to an energy efficient LED required an electrician to change not just the lamp but the power supply. Our current range of MR16 replacements are all compatible with over 95% of electronic transformers and also available in dimmable models – significantly reducing the cost of upgrading and it can be done by anyone who can change a light bulb. By replacing the 10 lamps in the example above – the annual power saving if in excess of $ 405.00 per year and the lamps will have paid for themselves in less than 8 months.