G9 LED Light Bulbs

Traditional G9 halogen light bulbs have a looped metal prong at the base rather than a traditional Edison screw fitting and come in a range of sizes. The are commonly found in desk lamps, appliances and compact accent fixtures. Much like a traditional lamp, light is emitted by applying an electrical current to a wire filament until it glows white hot, and much like a traditional lamp they are extremely inefficient as most of the input energy is lost as heat. For this reason you should be extremely careful not to touch the bulbs when they are running, but they should also not be used near paper, fabric or other combustible materials due to the fire risk they pose. LEDs are the perfect choice for replacing halogen G9 lights, not only because they require 85% less energy to produce the same amount of light, but they produce very little heat, eliminating the risk of burns or fire. The replacements will fit directly into your existing socket and require no special tools or skills to install. Replacement can be done in seconds and the savings start immediately.