G4 LED Light Bulbs

Traditional G4 halogen light bulbs work by applying an electrical current to a wire filament that glows white hot to emit visible light. Unfortunatley this type of lighting is extremely inefficient as most of the input energy is lost in the form of heat. This heat can also present an additional hazard in the way of burns or fire risk. LED replacement G4 lamps not only use 80 - 90% less energy, resulting in significant power savings or reduction in loads on batteries in boats, caravans or RVs, but also generate very little heat. They are perfect for use as bulb replacements in display cabinets in shops where heat may spoil products.

As a quick guide - a 1 watt LED will replace a 10 watt halogen and the 2 watt LEDs are a good alternative to 20 watt halogen G4s.
In recreational vehicles, boats, caravans or any lighting application where you are using a 12V battery, the load reduction is significant. A 20 watt halogen bulb will draw 1.7 amps, while the 2.5 watt LED draws a current of 0.2 amps