underwater lighting for swimming pools

In and around swimming pools, fibre optic lighting and LED lights can create stunning visual effects. Specialized Lighting Concepts have over 15 years experience in the swimming pool industry, and have sourced specific products and knowledge to ensure years of trouble-free enjoyment. LEDs are now the most popular way to illuminate a swimming pool due to their long life, low voltage, low power consumption and rich, vibrant colours.
Specialized Lighting Concepts has NZ's best range of LED fittings and underwater light fittings designed specifically for swimming pools and spa pools. We carry the Spa Electrics range of swimming pool and spa LED lights that are available in both single colour and colour changing options, and the Bellson PAL range, with Colour Touch Wifi enabled control that lets you operate your lights from your smartphone or tablet. Swimming pool perimeters can be perfectly defined with SideGlow fibre's neon-like effect, casting a beautiful reflection back from the pool's surface. End-emitting fibre can be projected through specially designed fixtures to infuse colour into the water itself. The PMMA acrylic is virtually unbreakable and carries no heat or electricity through underwater light fittings.
We carry a wide range of fittings specifically designed for use underwater and can help illuminate both new pools or upgrade existing halogen pool lights to the latest in LED technology. To upgrade your existing pool the Spa Electrics "retro" range of replacement pool lights are able to replace nearly all of the existing lights that have been available in the NZ market for the last 20 years, and in most cases you will be able to use your existing transformers.

Swimming Pool Light Range

Spa Electrics Photon Series Pool Lights - these are a surface mounted pool light and are available in either a single colour white or blue LED or multi colour light engine - these are suitable for concrete, fibreglass and vinyl swimming pools.

Spa Electrics Atom Series Pool Lights - Our most compact LED pool light, the Atom Series measures 85mm across the front and has a clear rim. The Atom Series LED light can be installed in concrete, vinyl or fibreglass swimming pools.

Spa Electrics Quantum Series LED Pool Lights - suitable for concrete or fibreglass swimming pools, the Quantum series is available in both single colour and multi colour options, their niched design leaves them sitting flush with the pool wall after installation. Unique removable plug makes the simple to bring to the surface in the unlikely event of a failure.

Retro Replacement Pool Lights - upgrading your existing halogen pool lights to LEDs has never been easier with Spa Electrics range of "retro" replacement pool lights. We can replace virtually any other brand of light, often without needing to drain the pool. The "Retro" series are supplied without cable and feature a patented connection system, making connection to your existing cable easy

Applications include:

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