Effects lighting for entertainment venues

Entertainment venues such as bars, nightclubs and stadiums are perfect locations to use fibre optic and LED lighting. With thousands of effects possible, the only limit is imagination.

  • Colour-change options can transform a venue's appearance with the flick of a switch.
  • Cable can be hidden under bar tops to create an atmospheric wash of light
  • Fibre optic lighting in coves can produce mild to wild lighting effects.
  • Star ceilings can be created with EndGlow cables, giving an outdoor feel to an indoor environment
  • Tiny fixtures mounted beneath or beside expensive liquors allow the contents to change colour. As it carries no ultraviolet or infrared light, the contents of the bottles will not be affected.
  • LED dance floor panels can create stunning motion video capable dance floors.
  • LEDs can be integrated into the venue's existing DMX lighting system or operated with a standalone controller.
  • In theatres, end-point fibre is commonly used

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