Fibre Optic Lighting

Fibre optics is a unique method of task and effect lighting making use of precision engineered acrylic optical cable to carry the light from a remote mounted source (illuminator). The cable is capable of carrying the light over long distances without heat, electricity or ultra violet light. Fibre optics gives designers the ability to place light fixtures in areas where a traditional lighting fixture cannot be used due to service or safety restraints. The light can be delivered via the optical cable to the required area either in small points (End Point) or to a lens fixture (End Glow) or as a continuous line of light (side glow) similar to neon.

Where can Fibre Optics be used ?

Because it carries no heat, electricity of UV light and can be supply a light to virtually anywhere - fibre optic lighting can be used in the following applications

  • Effects lighting
  • Water Features
  • Bars / night clubs
  • Theatres
  • Marine lighting
  • Landscapes & gardens
  • Industrial inspection
  • Retail display lighting
  • Starfield Ceilings

Use your imagination with Light & Colour

As a lighting medium, fibre optic lighting is free from a lot of the constraints of traditional lighting forms. The flexible optical cable carries light from a remote light source to where it is needed. Fibre optic light sources or illuminators are available with both metal halide lamps or LEDs. Traditionally glass colour wheels have been positioned between the lamp and the fibre to provide a colour filter, however now with the advent of high powered RGB LEDs the range of colours is virtually limitless when matched with a control system.

The benefits of fibre optic lighting

  • No electricity - The cable only carries light so is safe for use anywhere - great for use in public spaces or where it can be touched
  • No ultra violet light - will not cause delicate paintings or objects to fade
  • No heat - end fixtures are cool to touch as the cable does not carry any heat
  • Flexible - acrylic optical fibre can be bent easily without damage, this allows for installation if light points anywhere they are required
  • Economical - with a single bulb able to illuminate multiple areas the running and maintenance costs are reduced

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