Water features,  fountains and pools are the ideal canvas for painting with fibre optic or LED lighting products. Purpose-designed underwater fixtures with EndGlow or SideGlow fibre optic cable, produce safe, breathtaking results.

Specialized Lighting Concepts are leaders in water feature lighting. We have extensive experience illuminating water as well as solid technical knowledge of the hydraulics and equipment needed to make water features work. We can help water feature and landscape designers take full advantage of the unique effects of fibre optic and LED lighting to make design ideas a reality.


Waterproof lighting options:

Bring PALs Colour Touch Technology to your swimming pool and backyard, with the EvenGlow series of LED underwater pool and outdoor lights. The EvenGlow Pool Lights are designed for installation in concrete, fiberglass and vinyl liner swimming pools. Providing a sleek, low profile pool lighting option, protruding just 5mm from the pool wall.

Use the supplied remote control to change colour, brightness and program mode. Memory recall starts the lights automatically in their last mode.

The Atom Series  from Spa Electrics are a compact,  sleek and versatile pool lights. These low profile LED lights are designed for installation in in concrete swimming pools & spas. The low profile body makes the Atom series light pool cleaner friendly, protruding just 25mm from the pool wall, it blends into the pools wall with its clear plastic housing.Atom Series concrete swimming pool lights feature the latest in high powered ceramic LED technology to produce rich, clean, vibrant light while using 80% less power than traditional halogen pool lights. Available in single colour and colour change models.


The Atom Series pond light from Spa Electrics is a compact, versatile, free-standing underwater pond and fountain LED fixture, suitable for small to medium sized fountains. It is available in white, blue, and colour changing RGBW MultiPlus.

iFlex Waterproof is a single colour, low voltage, LED strip lighting system available in 12V & 24V. It uses the latest in SMD (Surface Mounted Diode) technology, mounted onto a thin, flexible PCB board. The Board is then encased in an optically clear silicone. Its small size - 10mm x 3mm, allows for installation into tight spaces or areas where a low profile, waterproof, linear lighting solution is required. 

Silicone encapsulation is superior to standard epoxy resin used by most manufacturers. This silicone does not dry/crack, turn yellow or a milky colour when exposed to water or UV, instead it remains optically clear.

iFlex waterproof LED Strip is available in the following colours: Cool White, Warm White, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red and Orange.

Applications include: Kitchens, bathrooms, automotive, swimming pools, ponds, water features, boats and marine lighting.