Selecting the correct LED Power Supply

The LED Power Supply - also known as the transformer or driver is one of the most crucial parts of any LED lighting installation. It is vitally important to select a power supply that not only delivers the correct voltage, but also enough current to drive the required amount of product. The wrong type of driver will cause damage to the lights and may also present a safety or fire risk. However determining the correct supply is fairly simple if you follow the steps below.

1 - Does the product require constant voltage or constant current ?

Most of our LED products are constant voltage type LEDs. Constant voltage LED lights require 12V or 24V DC constantly, and are dimmed by varying the current (PWM) while constant current LED drivers vary the voltage to maintain a constant current throughout the circuit - usually 350ma - 750ma. Constant Voltage LED lights must be wired in parallel whereas Constant Current circuits require wiring in series.
constant voltage vs constant current

2 - Determine the Correct Voltage

We carry a combination of 12 volt and 24 volt DC (direct current) LED lighting products. The required voltage is clearly identified in the product description, specification sheets and installation guides. Damage may be caused to the product by using the incorrect input voltage.

3 - Determine the total length of product required

Use a tape measure to accurately determine the total length of product you require to complete each circuit of your installation

4 - Find the wattage of each product

On each of our product pages and each corresponding technical specification sheet you will find the wattage of each products in either watts per metre for LED Strip Lights or watts per unit for Sign LED Modules

5 - Do the Maths

led watts per meter

Once you know the total length of product required and the rated power input for that product, simply multiply these two values together to get the total required wattage. It is good practise to add an additional 10% on top of this figure in order not to overdrive to power supply. Once the total wattage is determined then select the next largest power supply.  In this example 8m of iFlex Intense LED strip requires 9.8 watts per metre, giving a total requirement of 76.8 watts, + 10% = 84.5 watts total. The nearest sized power supply to deliver 84.5 watts is a 100 watt.

6 - Installation of Power Supply

Once you have determined the correct wattage, then select a power supply that suits your requirements

 - Plug-in Supply

The plug-in power supply is the easiest to use for most small home and DIY LED lighting projects. They require no special skills or tools to install, just a standard 3 pin 10amp socket and are available in sizes from 10 watts to 100 watts in 12 or 24V

 - Hard Wired Power Supply

A hard wired power supply must be installed by a licensed electrician and requires free space around it for cooling. All of our hard wired LED power supplies are IP rated, making them suitable for installation both indoors and outdoors.