Energy-efficient LED lighting technology

Sign Illumination Systems

LEDs are a far superior alternative to traditional fluorescents and neon for use in sign lighting applications. Their compact size and low voltage makes them easy to install in light boxes and acrylic letters while their long life and low power consumption provide lower running costs and reduced servicing.

Evolve LED sign modules provide a complete range for back lit and side lit illumination of acrylic faced light boxes and channel letters. The Evolve back light range all feature unique "Bat Wing" optical lenses and internal constant current IC's to maintain perfect operating current and ensure maximum life expectancy.

Evolve back light series sign modules can be installed in letters and boxes as shallow as 30mm without any spotting, while the larger modules provide a cost efficient illumination of larger boxes and cabinets, requiring less modules while delivering more light.

Evolves Side Light range of modules work with both single and double sided boxes with depths from 50mm - 300mm.

All Evolve LED modules have industry leading 5 year warranties and the highest quality LEDs with 3 step Macadam colour binning.

  • Sale
    Nano LED Backlit Module
    LA-MFM056 RRP $4.25
    LA-MFM056 incl GST NZ $4.25
    LA-MFM056 excl GST $4.25
  • Sale
    Micro LED Backlit Module
    UGW386B RRP $4.40
    UGW386B incl GST NZ $4.40
    UGW386B excl GST $4.40
  • Sale
    Mini LED Backlit Module
    UGW387B RRP $5.05
    UGW387B incl GST NZ $5.05
    UGW387B excl GST $5.05
  • Sale
    Triple LED Backlit Module
    UGW388B RRP $5.70
    UGW388B incl GST NZ $5.70
    UGW388B excl GST $5.70
  • Sale
    Quad LED Backlit Module
    UGW389B RRP $6.72
    UGW389B incl GST NZ $6.72
    UGW389B excl GST $6.72
  • Sale
    Blade LED Sidelit Module
    UGX-385B RRP $9.50
    UGX-385B incl GST NZ $9.50
    UGX-385B excl GST $9.50
  • Sale
    Bolt LED Sidelit Module
    ULW-383B RRP $9.50
    ULW-383B incl GST NZ $9.50
    ULW-383B excl GST $9.50
  • Sale
    Titan Sidelit Module
    IUW-382B RRP $16.50
    IUW-382B incl GST NZ $16.50
    IUW-382B excl GST $16.50
  • Sale
    Hyperion R-Lite
    RRP $42.00
    incl GST NZ $42.00
    excl GST $42.00
  • Sale
    iFlex 360 Series - Flexible LED Strip
    RRP $125.50
    incl GST NZ $125.50
    excl GST $125.50
  • Sale
    Katana Led Sidelit Lightbar
    YGW-0118 RRP $16.96
    YGW-0118 incl GST NZ $16.96
    YGW-0118 excl GST $16.96
  • Sale
    Ultra Slim Sign Module
    SE001F RRP $4.50
    SE001F incl GST NZ $4.50
    SE001F excl GST $3.91