Energy-efficient LED lighting technology

MR11 LED Light Bulbs

MR11 (multi-reflector) halogen lamps are a smaller version of the common MR16 light bulbs and are commonly found in display cabinets, boats, caravans and recreational vehicles. Light is produced by applying an electrical current to a thin wire filament which is encased in a small glass casual filled with halogen gas. Nearly 90% of the electricity applied to the bulb is lost as heat making them extremely inefficient and a potential hazard for burns or fires and they will run as hot as 200+ degrees. Replacing halogen MR11 light bulbs with energy efficient LEDs will result in power saving of up to 90% with very little energy wasted as heat. This also eliminates the risk of burns or fires. Our range of MR11 LED replacement bulbs will fit into your existing socket will producing the same amount of light using 1/10th the energy and lasting 10 times longer than the halogen equivalent. A 20 watt halogen MR11 globe can be replaced with a 3 watt LED.

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