Energy-efficient LED lighting technology

Colour Adjustable WiFi Light Bulbs

The future of energy efficient lighting - in any colour you want. Our colour adjustable series of replacement globes brings a new level of convience and control to your home or office letting you control not only the shade of white you prefer, but also the colour. All from your smart phone or hand held remote. The colour temperature adjustable lamps can be set to give a nice bright natural white light in the mornings, and a soothing warm white light for evening times, while the RGB+ White lamps can be set on the shade of white you prefer, or chose from up to 16 million posible colour combinations. You can set up to fourseperate zones on the remote and each zone can control hundreds of individual lamps, or alternativly you can allocate a zone to running a strip lighting system, lights can be turned on and off without the need to even get up from your seat using either the remote or integrating them into your existing WiFi network allowing control from your smart phone via the free app. Even better yet - no special tools or skills are required to install these energy saving replacement lamps - they are the same size as a traditional incandescent and you have a choice of Edison Screw or Bayonet base, allowing installation in seconds.

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    WiFi LED Light Bulbs
    RRP $40.25
    incl GST NZ $25.00
    excl GST $25.00
  • Sale
    WiFi LED Bulb Pack
    RRP $192.00
    incl GST NZ $105.00
    excl GST $105.00
  • Sale
    WiFi LED Strip Controller
    RRP $38.24
    incl GST NZ $38.24
    excl GST $33.25
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    Colour Adjustable LED Light Bulb
    RRP $42.00
    incl GST NZ $22.00
    excl GST $22.00
  • Sale
    Colour Temperature Bulb Kit
    RRP $61.35
    incl GST NZ $45.00
    excl GST $45.00
  • Sale
    Mi Light Handheld Remote
    ML-SL2 RRP $35.65
    ML-SL2 incl GST NZ $35.65
    ML-SL2 excl GST $35.65
  • Sale
    MI Light WiFi Link Bridge
    ML-SCL2 RRP $94.45
    ML-SCL2 incl GST NZ $94.45
    ML-SCL2 excl GST $94.45