Energy-efficient LED lighting technology


Feel free to take some inspiration for your next lighting project from a selection of the projects we have completed over the last 10 years

The Rock FMs Morning Rumble "Jenwa" Motorboat

When The Rocks Morning Rumble got their hands on a motor boat, the good ship Jenwa was dropped off to Specialized Lighting to help bring her to life.  The results speak for themselves.

Rock FM Motorboat JEnwaLED underwater lights
Jenwa Lit up with Bluefin P6 LEDsBluefin P6 LEDs on JenwaJenwa with P6 LED boat lightsJenwa's underwater LED boat lights

Boat & Marine Lights

Underwater LEDs boat lights not only make your boat or Jetski look really good in the dark, but they also help attract baitfish
12V LED underwater boat lightsBring the fish to you with underwater lightsBlue underwater LED lights with red under gunwale LED stripBuccaneer 635 with underwater lights leaving auckland
Brilliant blue underwater LEDs lighting up a Coromandel caveBuccaneer 635 Excess with 12V underwater LED lightsJetski with drain plug LED lightLED drain plug light for jetski fishing
Waterproof LED strip lights in red and whiteLED strip lights installed in Frewza centre consolBlue LED underwater lightsBring the fish to you with blue LED underwater lights
Blue underwater led lights attract baitfishSenator with red LED strip under gunwale and blue piranha underwater LEDsDans Senator has a pair of P6 Blue LED lights

iFlex LED Strip Lighting

iFlex LED strip is an incredibly versatile lineal lighting solution for both indoor and outdoor lighting applications.

Blue LED strip light in bedroomRelaxing blue LED strip in bedroomGreen LED strip lights in kitchenIlluminati Glass panels kitchen splashback
illuminati glass panels with LED back lightilluminati glass panels kitchen splash backled strip behind illuminati glass panelsred led strip light by Illuminati Glass Panels
Kitchen splash back LED illumination by Illuminati Glass PanelsLED kitchen strip lightingAir NZ check in counter with LED strip lightHowick club white led strip light
white LED strip light at The Howick ClubLED strip lighting for living roomKitchen LED strip LightLED warm white bathroom cabinet lighting
warm white led strip lighting

LED Neon Flex

Our LED Neon Flex is a superior safe alternative to traditional neon. It has high output LEDs fully encapsulated in an IP68 exterior that diffuses the light. Its totally safe at 24V DC and requires no special tools to cut, bend or install

Blue LED Neon Flex BRidge LightingLED Digital Neon Flex Tait Communication ChristchurchLED Neon FLexDigital LED NeonFlex
Blue neon flex at 35 degrees south Piahia35 degrees south blue neon flex Piahiablue led neon at 25 degrees south Paihia

Water Features

We can help design your new water feature from scratch, including jets, filtration and lighting or simply help you bring your existing water feature, fountain or pond to life with the additional of colour changing or single colour under water LED lights - from small home fountains to large commercial projects.
Laminar jet water featureLED pond lights mounted around a water featureLED interactive water featureColour changing LED water feature
interactive water feature jets with LEDsLEDs are built into the water feature nozzleAnimated & LED illuminated water feature in rotoruaLED water feature light built into the nozzle
Rotorua central mall water featuerDMX controlled LED lights allow for limitless patterns and coloursRotorua central mall water featurepond lights used on water nozzle
small fountain lighting display with LED pond lightsFoaming water jets with LEDsfyrefly LED illuminated water featureSundial square water feature nelson
Sundial square Nelson LED water featureinteractive water jets and lightssundial square interactive illuminated water feature nelsonWigram Skies water feature - Crystal LED ring lights with DMX controller
Crystal Fountains LED ring lights controlled from STICK dmx controllerindividual control of each LED ring light via DMX show controllerLED ring lights controlled via dmx control60 watt LED ring lights individually controlled via stick DMX controller for colour effects
Wigram Skies Water Feature uses 6 Crystal fountains Ring lights individually controlled with a stick DMX show controllerRing Light provide even illumination of the centre water column and can per programmed to any colour you wantFull colour RGB LED water feature ring lights @ Wigram Skies Christchurch

Bar & Nightclub Lighting

LED lighting can create stunning effects in bars and night clubs. Colour changing LED strips can illuminate spirit and bottle racks, or under counters and bar tops, while larger fixtures can be used for feature lighting.
LED strips lighting behind acrylic panelLED strip lightsLED dance floorcolour changing LED strips behind acrylic panels
Garrison bar colour changing led strip lightingPink LED Strip lightsPurple LED strip lightingcolour changing LED strips
iFlex LED Strips can be used to create dramatic effectsSpirit racks illuminated with colour changing LED stripsLED Spot lights can be focused to create effects lighting
Under cove lighting effect with iFlex LED StripLED dance floor panelsiFlex LED Strips colour change effects on acrylic panels
Create stunning ambience with LED lightsRGB colour mixing LED lightsLED dance floor with RGB LEDsColour changing LED dance floor
iFlex LED Strip under bar lightingColour changing strip under barcomputer controlled LED dance floor effectscolour changing iFlex LED strip acrylic effects lighting
Blue acrylic spirit rack effectLED Neon Flex at the Opotiki Deluxe Theatre

Sign & Display Lighting

LEDs are now the most popular method for illuminating signs. Providing an energy efficient, long life and virtually maintenance free light source. Sign modules are waterproof and suitable for use outdoors, and available in a range of colours or colour changing models.
Delta LED sign modules in channel letter sign
LED strip iFlex 360 used in the AirNZ Koru at Auckland Airport

Colour Changing LED Strip Light

iFlex RGB LED Strip light was used to create a unique 3 ring effect. Each ring has its own DMX decoder and address and is controlled from a STICK touch screen show controller.

Outdoor Lighting

As most of our products are low voltage 12V or 24V they can be installed by anyone, giving you the freedom to create the effects you are looking for
fibre optic bar top and LED strip underneathiFlex LED strip step lightingLED colour changing outdoor spot lightiFlex LED strip under bar light effect

Cadbury Share the Joy

Cadbury "Share the Joy" Christmas lighting display Wellington 2010. In two days we covered a house in several hundred metres of rope light, large LED fireworks on the roof, dozens of LED icicle light kits and 50 lineal wash flood lights. All programmed with a customer DMX controller and external microphone that triggered the shows. The louder the people clapped the more of the house lit up, until the final show was triggered.
Share the joy cadbury xmas lightsChristmas lighting displayinteractive public christmas light displaychristmas lighting display
LED fairy lights and flood lightspublic interactive christmas lighting displayxmas led display lightinghouse lit up for xmas public display
clap your hands interactive christmas lighting displayhouse xmas lightschristmas house display lightingxmas house display lighting

Fibre Optic Star Ceilings

PMMA acrylic fibre carries the light from a remote mounted source and is easily installed in the ceiling to create night star sky effects. We have a range of pre-made starfield ceiling kits in stock.
fibre optic starfield ceilingstar ceiling with fibre optic lightsnight sky light effect with fibre opticsfibre optic night sky lighting
night sky created with fibre optic lighting

QEII Swimming Pool Lighting Upgrade

70 high powered under water LEDs and 80 RGB flood lights controlled via a DMX system were used in the QEII Swimming Pool lighting upgrade in Christchurch. the result was a significant reduction in energy costs and stunning colour effects
QEII LED lighting upgradehalogen underwater lights upgraded to LEDhalogen underwater lights upgraded to LEDsLED underwater lights and flood lights
colour changing underwater lighting effectsLED lights were used in and out of the poolpool light effect with LED lightsunderwater swimming pool LED lighting
LED underwater swimming pool lightinglighting swimming pool with LEdsLEDs used underwater and replacing traditional flood lightscolour changing LED lighting effects
LED swimming pool lights @ QEII poolLED pool and flood lightsunderwater swimming pool lightswater effects lighting with LEDs

Public Lighting Displays

We enjoy working with designers on public displays and have been involved in projects for Cadbury, The Ellerslie Flower Show and many others
Cadbury xmas snow glow with RGB LED Flood lightsCadbury christmas snow glow with RGB LED Flood lightsEllerslie flower show performance gardenfibre optic side glow in ellerslie flower show
marble park side glow fibre optic cable for a safe interactive lighting effectsideglow fibre optic cableno electricity or heat made the display safe using side glow fiber optic cableDynamic DMX LED NeonFlex
DMX Controller neonflex installed on a bridgeDMX Controlled neonflex can create multiple lighting effects including chases and rainbowsOutdoor lineal LED NeonFlex Bridge lightingNeonFlex LED outdoor lighting

Fibre Optic Star Ceiling - Nelson Club

Custom made star ceiling effect in the gaming room of the Nelson Club
Star ceiling using fibre opticsNelson Club star field ceilingSpiral stary effect with fibre optic lightingcustom fibre optic star ceiling Nelson Club
Large star ceiling effect custom made fibre optics