Energy-efficient LED lighting technology

LED Lighting Design

Specialized Lighting Concepts can assist with any stage of your lighting design to make sure that you not only get the perfect LED or Fibre Optic lighting system for your application, but also that they are positioned in the right places to the get maximum impact.

We can work together with you, your architect or project designer to ensure you have the perfect system to not only meet your requirements, but also matched to the correct power supplies and installed so as to provide the longest possible life with little or no maintenance

Lighting Design Help Guides

If you are looking for some good technical guides on designing and installing a new lighting system - here is a good place to start

Landscape, Outdoor & Garden Lighting Design

A well designed lighting system can help add the WOW factor to your backyard landscape project - find out how to bring your project to life at night with this handy landscape lighting design guide

Fountain & Water Feature Lighting Design

Fountains and water features require specialist skills to illuminate correctly and create the best lighting effects at night.  We have been working with this unique lighting medium for nearly 10 years and can help with every aspect of your water feature design

Swimming Pool LED Lighting Design

LED lights in swimming pools when positioned correctly can create stunning lighting effects and turn your pool into a tropical oasis of light. This design guide will help you determine the best positions to install your lights in order to maximise the lighting effects

Video Inspiration:

Check out one of our projects with Cadbury & DDB

Project Gallery - View our lighting design work