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MR16 LED Replacement Bulb

  • MR16 LED Replacement Bulb
    MR16 LED Replacement Bulb
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    MR16 LED Halogen Replacement Light Bulb

    Please note - this product is no longer available and has been replaced with the ECO6 MR16 Bulb  

    A common problem with LED light bulbs is compatibility with existing electronic transformers. Electronic transformers are designed to have halogen lamps as loads, and not LED lamps. For the transformer to work properly, it needs a minimum amount of load current through the cycle of the line voltage. If the load current falls below this minimum, or if high load-current transients bring it below this minimum, the transformer will turn off during the cycle of the line voltage. If this happens, the lamp light can flicker. With halogen lamps, there is no problem having enough load current, because they are purely resistive loads and the power exceeds 20W. Generally, LED lamps are not purely resistive loads. If the driver is a simple voltage rectifier followed by a DCDC converter, its input current is made of short and high spikes of current at each half cycle of the input voltage. This is not good for transformers. LED lamps are more efficient than halogen lamps. Moreover, the electronic transformers are designed to operate with resistive loads. It can be an issue for compatibility with electronic transformers because the load current of LED lamps is lower. The design of our MR16 LED Lamps is compatible with these electronic transformers. Because it is a two-stage controller with dual gate drivers consisting of a Boost converter (first stage) and a Buck converter (second stage) the LED MR16 lamp is suitable for use on most electronics transformers

    MR16 LED Light Bulb Features:

    • Compatible with your electronic transformer or your money back
    • 3000k Warm White
    • 12V GU5.3 Base 
    • 6W Samsung LED Chips
    • 50 degree beam spread
    • 500 lumen output
    • 3 year warranty
    mr16 led bulb nenefits

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