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LED Fluorescent Tubes - Energy Saving Replacement

For many years, fluorescent tubes have been the mainstay of commercial lighting, offering a reasonably efficient, and lower maintenance lighting alternative to halogen lights. Now however, the fluorescent has been over taken by new LED based fittings, offering energy savings of over 50% and a life expectancy 10 times longer.

Like most LED products there is a variety of products on the market - its important to make an informed decision not based simply on price or initial brightness to ensure that your replacement LED fluorescent tube not only performs as well as your existing tubes, but lasts for the 35,000 - 50,000 hours you have been promised.

Brighter is not necessarily better
The main cause of LED failure is heat. The hotter an LED runs, the less time it will last for. Heat will also affect the other electronic components built into the tubes PCB. All of our iBright T8 tubes use aircraft grade aluminium with 10mm+ fins to help cooling the internal components. For this reason we can offer industry leading warranty periods, as well as independently verified L70 Lifetime testing of between 50,000 - 75,000 hrs (depending on tube model).

All our T8 LED tubes use external New Zealand Standard approved power supplies to provide a constant current to the LEDs, therefore they do not require ballasts and ignitors like traditional fluorescent tubes. T5 Fluorescents are available in both 12V DC and 24V DC making them perfect for installation in marine lighting and RV applications where vibration is a problem.

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