Energy-efficient LED lighting technology

Installing LED Strip Light in a Wardrobe

LED strip light can easily be installed in a wardrobe to help provide illumination of clothing and effects in areas where traditional lights may be hard to install.  The strip can either be connected to a plug in power supply or hard-wired to a open/close switch.

Products Required

LED Strip Light - recommended iFlex Standard LED strip light or iFlex intense LED strip light
Aluminium Extrusion - recommended Round Wardrobe Profile, Corner Mount Profile or Ceiling Mounting Profile - if you have access to a router then any of the other profiles are also suitable.  You can also install the strip without using a profile and diffuser.
Appropriate LED Power Supply

Tools Required:

Screw Driver
Hack Saw
Soldering iron

1) Measure Where strip is to be installed: cut aluminium profile to required length and allow an additional 2 mm per end for the end caps (or cut 5mm shorter overall)

2) Cut LED strip to length: and solder the appropriate length of tail to the strip  - see the tutorial on how to solder single colour LED strip lights

3) Mount strip in diffuser: Remove 3M adhesive backing from the LED strip light and mount to the inside of the cut aluminium profile. Clip on the diffuser.

4) Mount the finished profile: After fitting the end caps to the aluminium extrusion, secure the aluminium profile to the shelf, wall or ceiling with the appropriate mounting clip

5) Run Cables: position and mount the soldered power cable form the strip to the LED power supply

6) Final connection: Connect Strip power wires to the power supply, check connections and turn on power