Energy-efficient LED lighting technology

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Increasing your bottom line is as simple as changing a light bulb - and we want to help you do it with a 3 month interest free deal.

We carry a complete range of LED bulbs that can help you reduce your lighting energy costs by as much as 90%. If your business operates at a 10% profit margin - every $1 we save you is the equivalent to $10 in sales !

We carry a range of replacement LED bulbs, exterior flood lights, compact fluorescent and T8 Fluorescent alternatives and can provide you with a free lighting energy audit to show just what you will save each month.

On top of that we offer a great finance deal to approved purchasers. Often your monthly energy savings will cover the repayment costs of the upgrade.

Not only do you save money on your energy costs - but LEDs will last many times longer than traditional bulbs - saving on maintenance. All our bulbs are covered by a 3 year warranty

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