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Wigram Skies Water Feature

We have just commissioned and programmed a delightful water feature in the new Wigram Skies Subdivision - Christchurch.

The Crystal fountains LED160 series ring lights are a high powered 30 watt full spectrum RGB lighting fixture that can be run both wet and dry with a variety of mounting options and a 57mm diameter centre hole that can accomodate a wide range of water nozzles. The position of the LED chips around the outside of the nozzle provides great illumination of water up to 5m high, while on-board DMX allows for indidual control and custom programming.

The LED 160 Series ring light is part of Crystals family of intelligent fixtures range and they have been at the forefront of water feature lighting technology since 2001.

Check out the full Crystal Fountains Water Feature Lighting range here

crystal fountains RGB led ring light

LED pond fountain ring light

water feature LED lights

Crystal Fountains LED 160 series LED ring light

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    Keri Manuel's Testimonial:

    Thanks heaps for the fibre optic you sent me, it's most appreciated! Cheers :o)