Energy-efficient LED lighting technology


QEII LED Pool Lighting Upgrade

The QEII Park swimming pool recently approached Specialized Lighting Concepts to design a more reliable and energy-efficient way to light their indoor swimming pool. The existing halogen lamps were unreliable and required constant relamping.

SaVI Swimming Pool and Spa LED lights were chosen for the swimming pool lighting because of their high light output exceeding the current halogen lights, and with a life expectancy of 80,000 hours, re-lamping would not be required for another 20 years. The colour changing control of the SaVI pool LED swimming pool lights also complements the park's new water screen.

After successfully installing over 70 SaVI pool and spa LED lights, Specialized Lighting Concepts then designed and supplied an LED lighting system using 54 SaVI LED flood lights to replace the metal halide down lights that were causing glare on the water surface and also drowning out some of the colour. The new SaVI LED floodlights also work via DMX to create stunning colour scenes and tie together beautifully with the swimming pool underwater LED lighting
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    Stolen schooter replaced's Testimonial:

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