Energy-efficient LED lighting technology


PL-C Compact Fluorescent Replacements

PLC Fluorescent ReplacementThe PL-C range of LED alternatives to traditional compact fluorescent light bulbs will save 50% off your lighting energy bill. They are a direct replacement and fit into your existing light fixtures without sacrificing light levels.

Unlike a traditional PLC compact fluorescent bulb, the LEDs do not flicker, start instantly and do not contain any lead or mercury.

Available in a range of sizes and choice of warm white or cool white colour

Find out more about the PL-C Replacement bulb range here

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    Alan Minnear's Testimonial:

    I wish we had have found you guys before mucking around with cheap crap from trademe.
    I must say that I am absolutely thrilled with the performance of the whole system. The ambient light created is wonderful when I set it on slow fade. Even my wife who is definitely non-geeky likes it. And having the remote rf and wireless is a bonus I did not expect. Many thanks for supplying a great product