Energy-efficient LED lighting technology


New - iFlex RGB+White LED Strip Light 

iFlex RGB White LED Strip Are you stuck between choosing from a colour changing LED strip and a formal warm white ?  We now have the solution for you. Our iFlex RGB+ LED strip light allows you to select any colour you like to suit your mood. more

Lumishore EOS - Total Colour Control 

The revolutionary and extremely compact Lumishore EOS system includes an easy to use, click and play, glass-bridge style color screen controller that allows you to identify and individually control up to 128 EOS underwater lights from a single EOS controller.  The Lumishore EOS STV 2201 color controller offers full wireless integration with smartphones and tablets, as well as 2-way DMX, to bring integrated Sound-to-Light and a whole host of additional innovative new EOS functions as standard. more

"Retro" Replacement LED Pool Lights 

Did you know that our range of "Retro" led swimming pool lights are suitable for quickly and easily replacing your existing halogen light with a new LED without the need for special tools or even having to replace your existing 12VAC transformer ? more

Crazy Mixed-up LED Neon Flex 

Crazy Mixed Up Ice Cream is a franchised business offering a unique take on the classic kiwi ice cream truck. Not only can you choose form a range of ice cream flavours,  but they will then chop it up,  mix in the selection of lollies and sweets of your choice before putting it all back together again for you to enjoy. more

Compact Fluorescent Bulbs - a new cancer risk in the home 

Have the government and General Electric lied to us?
The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (EISA) mandates the phase-out of incandescent light bulbs, and favors energy-efficient compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs. more

New - A60 LED Replacement Light Bulbs 

Our new A60 bulb range with Nanotech heat sinks are the latest in LED bulb technology. the Nano material infused heat sink provides better heat transfer than traditional aluminium, allowing the bulbs to run cooler for longer. more

Lumishore Marine Under Water Lights 

Lumishore is a world leader in Under Water Marine LED Lighting with a range of products to suit all marine craft from small Rib's and PWC's through to large daycruisers, launches and super yachts. more

STICK Intelligent DMX Lighting Controller 

S.T.I.C.K is the latest in advanced RGB lighting control systems, with 1024 channel DMX output, ethernet connectivity, on-board storage for up to 200 lighting scenes and up to 25 separate zones. more

Rugby World Cup Countdown Clock 

The designers' take: think standard digital alarm clock, deconstructed, on a totally unfamiliar scale, in unexpected surroundings. more

Lumishore E-Lite Boat LEDs 

The design (patent pending) enables the brightest surface-mount lighting available through the combination of advanced polymer bodies, proprietary thermal management techniques and powerful arrays, - all models are amphibious. more

QEII LED Pool Lighting Upgrade 

The QEII Park swimming pool recently approached Specialized Lighting Concepts to design a more reliable and energy-efficient way to light their indoor swimming pool. The existing halogen lamps were unreliable and required constant relamping. more

Array Lighting Release 6.5W MR16 Lamp 

The Array MR16-HO is a high output MR16 lamp with a GU5.3 base. The Array MR16s replace traditional halogen MR16s while using 80% less energy and lasting 15 to 20 times longer. more

Cadbury "Share the Joy" Xmas Lights 

In December this year we were proud to work with Cadbury on their "Share The Joy" Christmas lighting project in Wellington. more

Sundial Square Animated & Illuminated Water Feature 

Our latest project has combined our skills in water handling and LED lighting to create a stunning LED illuminated interactive water feature in Richmond, Nelson NZ. more

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    Sarah Moore's Testimonial:

    Hospital Play Specialist - Ward 26A, Starship Children's Health

    I just wanted to say thank you again for the fabulous fibre optic resources - they have been so well received and much appreciated by the children and families on the ward. I have hung a couple of them up in the children's rooms, and they just love them, especially at night! So thank you very much - your generosity has been appreciated by so many!