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LED Light Bulb Replacements

LED replacement light bulbsWe carry one of NZ's best range of LED alternatives to traditional halogen, incandescent and compact fluorescent light bulbs. LED replacement bulbs are now a viable, energy efficient alternative with their light output matching and in some cases exceeding their traditional counterparts, saving between 50% and 90% of your lighting energy costs and lasting 10 to 20 times longer. Check out some of our range below

MR16 / MR11 Bulbs

The common MR (Multifaceted Reflector) is used in a range of lighting applications and commonly found in down lights in commercial and domestic applications. These bulbs commonly operate at a temperature of up to 200 degrees as most of the energy put into them is lost as heat with a light efficiency of around 15 lumens per watt. Our range of LED alternatives vary from 3 watts to 7 watts with efficiencies between 65 lumens per watt and 115 lumens per watt. A common problem with upgrading to LEDs has been compatibility with existing electronic transformers that often require a minimum load to function correctly. We have overcome this issue with our range and can not only work with your existing transformer, but also universal and trailing edge dimming systems. Upgrading your bulbs is a easy and in most cases your return on investment will be less than 10 months making them virtually free - or an investment over their life.

See the full range of MR16 LED Bulbs and MR11 LED Bulbs

A60 Incandescent Bulbs

The A60 bulb has been around since the early 1800's and still operates much the same way. An electrical current is applied to a filament that then glows hot and emits light. These are an extremely inefficient form of lighting and there are moves by governments around the world to ban their use. Our range of LED alternatives are a direct replacement for this type of bulb and offer energy savings of 85 - 90% with a 6 watt LED replacing a 60 watt incandescent. The LED alternatives fit into your existing light fittings with either E27 screw base or B22 bayonet. Most models will operate off your existing dimming system. We also have a range of A60 light bulbs that can integrate with your WiFi network and allow you to change colour and brightness from your smart phone or tablet device.

See our range of A60 LED light bulbs

G4 / G9 Halogen Bulbs

G4 lamps are commonly found in cabinet, step and shelf lights, but are also common in boats and recreational vehicles. Like the MR series lamps they they use a quartz halogen based burner and generate a lot of heat. Our range of LED replacements use between 85-90% less energy, produce an equivalent amount of light and virtually no heat.

See our range of G4 LED Bulbs

Compact Fluorescent Alternatives

In recent years there has been a global push to change from incandescent bulbs, to compact fluorescents to save energy. While compact fluorescents are more efficient than traditional bulbs, they have several major draw backs
They take time to "warm up" and are not instant on
They emit light differently to their incandescent equivalents - in older light fixtures this resulted in funny light shaping, or reduction in light due to the reflectors being designed for incandescent bulbs
The contain toxic chemicals - lead and mercury. Not only are these a health hazard requiring a dangerous clean-up if broken, but disposal of these at the end of their life can result in a build-up of these toxic chemicals in landfills and disposal sites. Read more on the dangers of CFL (compact Fluorescent bulbs).
Replacing your CFLs is simple with our range of alternatives - the A60 lamps will fit straight into your existing fittings where spiral wound CFLs are used, or select one of the PL-C LED alternative lamps here
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    Alan Minnear's Testimonial:

    I wish we had have found you guys before mucking around with cheap crap from trademe.
    I must say that I am absolutely thrilled with the performance of the whole system. The ambient light created is wonderful when I set it on slow fade. Even my wife who is definitely non-geeky likes it. And having the remote rf and wireless is a bonus I did not expect. Many thanks for supplying a great product