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LED NeonFlex - Tait Communications

We have just commissioned a neat landscape lighting project for Tait Communications in Christchurch. The 20m long bridge uses Dynamic DMX LED NeonFlex to provide a safe effect light at night. Colour shows are programmed via a STICK DMX Lighting show controller and includes a mix of Taits corporate blue colours, chases and rainbow effects. The Dynamic NeonFlex is able to be controlled with each 100mm section acting as a pixel, capable of producing up to 16 million colours.

NeonFlex is a great alternative to traditional Neon lighting and is perfect for use as a lineal effects lighting solution.  The LED modules are encapsulated in a UV Stabilised PVC and rated to IP68. Being 24V it is totally safe and can be touched, hit and walked on.

NeonFlex is popular for use in sign and display lighting, for building delineation and around swimming pools and water features.

Check out the NeonFlex range here

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