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Labour Weekend Sale


It's Friday and the long weekend is almost here and lets hope we have a sunny weekend too. We decided to celebrate the long weekend and the opening of The Block NZ open homes by having a fantastic sale for you to start renovating your home too. 

We have a great selection of products on sale from downlights to ECO LED strip to our Array MR16 3.3W light bulbs and Array Mr16 LED high output bulbs. But don't stop there we have an extensive range of lights to cater to all your renovating ideas from interior to exterior we have it all. We have a great team on site who would be happy to help create the vision you want!

Thinking of replacing your old Halogen downlights? Well we have new LED downlights with 20% off our D-Lightz 11 watt LED downlights and our E-light 13 Watt LED downlights when you purchase ten. 

These LED Downlights save you up to 80% in energy consumption... think of the savings you will have to spend on other things. Not only do the new down lights look better aesthetically to the incandescent and halogen fixtures they have replaced, they have a consistent light quality and temperature output that the existing fittings did not have. 

Don't forget you can live chat with us if you have any questions about any of our products. Have a safe and relaxing weekend with your friends and family this weekend. 

Victoria, The Specialized Lighting Concepts Team. 

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    Richard Hull's Testimonial:

    LED Replacement Bulbs

    Just wanted to say how impressed I am with the MR16 replacement bulbs. Not only are they brighter than the 50 watt lamps i have replaced, but im also looking forward to seeing the difference in our power bill now we have reduced our lighting load from 6000 watts to just 700 watts

    - Richard Hull