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Dynamic DMX Neon Flex

led neon flexDynamic DMX LED Neon Flex is the ultimate in lineal effects LED lighting products. It mimics the look of traditional neon without any of the drawbacks of glass neon.  All of our Neon Flex range is 24V DC so can be installed by anyone without the need for special tools or skills. It can be cut every 100 mm - 167 mm (depending on model) and has an 8cm bend radius in 360 degrees.

The Dynamic DMX Neon Flex has the added advantage of direct DMX input and will work with any of our DMX lighting controllers - this gives you the ability to control each cut section (167mm) as an individual pixel - you can make this section change any colour you like independent of the other pixels - giving you an unlimited number of effects possibilities including colour chases, bounces and flows.

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    Keri Manuel's Testimonial:

    Thanks heaps for the fibre optic you sent me, it's most appreciated! Cheers :o)