Energy-efficient LED lighting technology

LED Controllers - What to choose

Selection of an appropriate lighting controller to meet your needs and budget is an important decision to get the most out of you colour changing RGB LED lights. We carry a range of controllers each with their own unique abilities and features.

Types of LED control systems

Handheld Remote Control

A handheld remote is a simple and easy way to operate LED strips and colour changing bulbs. They consist of a handheld transmitter and receiver unit. The receiver unit is connected to the power supply and then distributes the appropriate Red / Green / Blue power to the light fixture. These are a handy way to retrofit colour changing LEDs without the need to run additional control cables and helps to keep installation costs down. The transmitter will either operate with an IR (infrared) of 2.4ghz radio signal. If you are installing a IR model transmitter and receiver then its important to note that you must have a direct line of sight between them or they will not operate. 2.4ghz radio is our preferred method of control and the receiver can be hidden in a cupboard or ceiling cavity and the transmitters have a range of around 20m.  The handheld remote systems usually feature a range of single colours to choose from, as well as pre-programmed effects, brightness and speed control.

Wall Mounted LED Light Touch Controller

Our wall mounted Touch screen controllers are available in both hard-wired and wireless versions to suit both new and retrofit installations and can be used to control between one and four separate zones of lights. These are one of our most versatile forms of control system as multiple controllers can be synchronised together and installed in different rooms. Wall mounted controllers have a colour selection pallet and are also pre-programmed with a range of effects. You can also adjust speed of colour shows and brightness / dimming of single colours. Colour configuration is available in RGB or RGB + White.

WiFi LED Light Controllers

The WiFi controller works with IOS or Android smart phones and tablets - there are two types available - stand-alone or network integrated. Our preference is for network compatible as they are connected to your existing WiFi network on their initial set-up. To operate your lights all you need to do is open the APP on your device. Standalone units require you to change your devices WiFi settings each time you want to do something as you need to connect your phone or tablet directly to the controller. Our WiFi-104 controller not only connects to your WiFi network but also allows control of up to 12 separate zones in any combination of White / RGB / RGBW LED lights - you can also mix constant voltage and constant current LEDs

DMX Lighting Show Controllers

DMX is a universal lighting control language - these systems allow individual control of each light giving a colour pallet of 16.7 million colours that can be programmed to change at different times or all together. While DMX controllers do require some programming. These custom effects are commonly found in commercial and architectural lighting designs although are now more commonly being found in domestic lighting applications. A STICK controller can be combined with a tablet to control the entire houses lighting.