Energy-efficient LED lighting technology

Technical information & Brochure Downloads

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Atom- Concrete LED Pool light-brochure (pdf document)

Atom - Fibreglass LED Pool Light Brochure (pdf)

Atom LED Pond Light Brochure (pdf)

Choreoswitch Water Nozzle (pdf)

Illuminated Ground Jet Brochure (pdf)

Laminar Jet Brochure (pdf)

D-Litz LED Downlight Brochure (pdf)

Photon LED Swimming Pool Light (pdf)

Quantum LED Pool Light Brochure (pdf)

Retro Series Pool Light Brochure (pdf)

PAL Fibreglass Colour Touch Pool Light

PAL Mini Series LED Lights

STICK DMX Controller Brochure

Replacement Swimming Pool Light Guide


Specialized Lighting 2016 LED Catalogue

Specification Sheets

Evolve Mini LED Sign Module

E volve Micro LED Sign Module

Evolve Nano LED Sign Module

Evolve Triple LED Sign Module

Evolve Quad LED Sign Module

Evolve Blade LED Sign Module

Evolve Bolt LED Sign Module

Evolve Titan LED Sign Module

Evolve Katana LED Sign Module

Evolve Fish Eye LED Sign Module

LED Light Informative Articles

Upgrade to LED Fluorescent Tubes

Reduce Electrical Load in Boats, RVs & Caranvans

Technical Specification / Installation

MiLight Wifi Light Bulb Bridge Installation
MiLight LED Remote Control

Supplier Declarations of Conformity (SDocs)

LP Series Power Supplies
CLG Series Power Supplies
HLG Series Power Supplies

Installation Instructions

LED PS250 Water Feature Light Power/Data Supply

Quantum LED Concrete Pool Light

Atom LED Concrete Pool Light